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Name: Priya Dutta
Current Job Title: Research Associate
Institution: Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar
City: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Country: India
Education level: MSc, PhD Life Science (Environmental Science)
Area of Expertise: Climate change Environmental Awareness Occupational Health
List of publications:


  1. Nag PK, Dutta Priya, Nag Anjali. (2012) Critical body temperature profile as indicator of heat stress vulnerability. Industrial Health, 51: 113-122 (IF:0.9).http://http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23411761
  2. PK Nag, A Nag, P Sekhar & P Shah. (2011) Perceived heat stress and strain of workers. Asian-Pacific Newsletter on Occup Health and Safety, Pp 18-20.http://http://www.ttl.fi/en/publications/electronic_journals/asian_pacific_newsletter/Documents/AsianPacific_Newsletter1_2011.pdf
  3. Priya Dutta and Varsha Chorsiya. (2013) Scenario of climate change and human health in India. International Journal of Innovative Research and Development. 2(8): 157-60.
  4. Nag PK, Dutta Priya, Chorsiya Varsha and Nag Anjali. GIS Visualization of Climate Change and Prediction of Human Responses. Computational intelligence techniques in earth and environmental sciences (In Press)
  5. Nag PK, Dutta Priya, Nag Anjali & Kjellstrom Tord. Extreme heat Events: Perceived thermal response of Indoor and outdoor workers, International Journal of Current Research and Review (in press) (IC: 4.5).


  1. Priya Dutta and Anjali Nag. Biophysical and Geospatial prediction of heat stress and strain, with reference to climatic vulnerability of population in the regions of western India. ICMR Senior Research Fellowship Report, ICMR, New Delhi 2013.
  2. Nag PK, A Nag, Priya Sekhar and Sangita Pandit “Vulnerability to heat stress: scenario in western India (Pages 87), WHO, New Delhi 2009; http://www.searo.who.int/india/topics/occupational_health/Occupational_Health_Vulnerability_to_heat_stress_scenario_of_western_India.pdf Vulnerability_to_Heat_Stress_Scenario_in_Western_India.pdf
Email: priya9909@yahoo.co.in