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Name: Patrick
Current Job Title: Asst. General Manager
Institution: NABARD
City: Trivandrum, Kerala
Country: India
Education level: M.Sc. AG.
Area of Expertise: Climate Change, NRM, Remote Sensing. I work for the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) in the Kerala Office. Recently NABARD has been accredited as the National Implementing Entity (NIE) by Adaptation Fund Board (AFB) of UNFCCC. As per the ‘Operational policies and guidelines for parties to access resources from the Adaptation Fund’, feasible climate change adaptation projects can be prepared and submitted by eligible agencies to National Implementing Entities (NIEs) for accessing fund from AFB for implementation of such projects that would enable adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change. In this regard i am now looking after the State of Kerala.
Email: patjas@gmail.com