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Name: Nivedita Chaudhary
Current Job Title: Research
Institution: Banaras Hindu University
City: Uttar Pradesh
Country: India
Education level: Masters
Area of Expertise: Air pollution, Atmospheric chemistry, plant responses,abiotic stress
List of publications:

1.      Intraspecific responses of six Indian clover cultivars under ambient and elevated levels of ozone

Chaudhary N., Singh S., Agrawal S.B., Agrawal M.

Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2013) 20:5318–5329

2.      Assessment of six Indian cultivars of mung bean against ozone by using foliar injury index and changes in carbon assimilation, gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence and photosynthetic pigments

Chaudhary N., Agrawal S.B.

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (2013) 185:7793–7807

3.      Role of gamma radiation in changing phytotoxic effect of elevated level of ozone in Trifolium alexandrinum L. (Clover)

Chaudhary N., Agrawal S.B. Atmospheric Pollution Research 5 (2014) 104‐112

Email: nivedita.bhu@gmail.com