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Name: Seema Rani
Current Job Title: Research Scholar/Geography
Institution: Centre for the Study of Regional Development, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University
City: Delhi
Country: India
Education level: M.A. GEOGRAPHY from Department Of Geography, Delhi School Of Economics, University Of Delhi With 65.38 % in 2011 B.A. (HONS) GEOGRAPHY from Shivaji College, University Of Delhi with 75.25 % in 2009.
Area of Expertise: climate change/variability, hydrological process of ground water and surface water
List of publications:

Rani, S. (2013). Dynamics of Crop Diversity: A Case Study of Panipat District of Haryana state, India. Saarbrücken, Germany : Lambert Academic Publishing .http://www.amazon.ca/Dynamics-Crop-Diversity-Rani-Seema/dp/3659368091

Email: seemarani.dse@gmail.com