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About the network

Indian Climate Research Network is a collaboration of Centre for Science and Environment in New Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. The main goal of the network is to enhance capacity for climate research and action in India. It also aims to achieve the following:

—Develop an arena for promoting interaction among researchers, analysts, and practitioners from across the country

—Enhance understanding of the current state of activities and research capabilities in the country and thereby identifying key lacunae

—Deepen and broaden engagement on the climate issue with a particular focus on smaller academic institutions, NGOs and younger scholars

—Strengthen a sense of ‘community’ among researchers

—Explore ways to more effectively link climate research and action programmes

For more information, contact:

Arjuna Srinidhi
Email: arjuna@cseindia.org
Telephone: +011 29955124, 29956394, 29956399
Extn. 307