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Third National Research Conference on Climate Change

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
November 3-4, 2012
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Report: Third National Research Conference on Climate Change.
Posters: Abstracts Selected
Presentations: Abstracts Selected
The Third National Research Conference on Climate Change will be held in Bangalore on November 3-4, 2012. The conference is being jointly organized by Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (IISc), Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD), Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) and Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), under the banner Indian Climate Research Network (ICRN).

In the past three years, this research conference has become a very important platform for young researchers to come and present their work and share ideas with the larger research community at a national level. This year, over 90 researchers and scientists will present their work at the conference.

This event, the third in the series, intends to nurture and enhance a dedicated network of climate researchers.

This series aims to further develop the capacity of climate research and action by:
  1. Developing an arena for promoting interaction among researchers, analysts, and practitioners;
  2. Enhancing understanding of the current state of activities and research capabilities and thereby identifying key lacunae;
  3. Deepening and broadening engagement on the climate issue with a particular focus on smaller academic institutions, NGOs, and younger scholars;
  4. Strengthening a sense of ‘community’ among researchers;
  5. Exploring ways to more effectively link climate research and action programmes
Presentations : Opening Session (Nov. 3, 2012)
Climate politics and the state of the negotiations: Durban to Doha and beyond
By: Chandra Bhushan
Current Research Trends in Climate Science
By: G. Bala
Science and Impacts
Co-ordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX) – South Asia
By: Sabin TP, R Krishnan, J Sanjay and M Mujumdar
From mean to Extremes: What do CMIP5 projections tell us about the climate change in India?
By: Vimal Mishra
Decadal Seasonal Snow Cover Changes in Sikkim Himalaya
Monitoring of glacial mass balance in Baspa Basin, Himachal pradesh using Remote Sensing
By: Vinay Kumar and Anil V.Kulkarni
Nitrogen Cycle: Role in Climate and Environmental Change
By: Sanjeev Kumar
Understanding Hydrological Impacts and Uncertainties on River Basin Scale
By: P P Mujumdar
Equilibrium sensitivity of global terrestrial ecosystem carbon to elevated nitrogen deposition in CLM4.0 of NCAR
By: Dr. Devaraju N
Substitute or Complement ? Assessing Renewable and Non-renewable Energy in OCED Countries
By: Surender Kumar
Evaluation of India’s Onshore Wind Energy potential
By: Chetan Krishna
Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture – Current Research Initiatives and Way Forward
By: B. Venkateswarlu
ICT and Community Climate Care Centers for Knowledge Management and Adaptation in Rural Bangladesh
By: Shamima Aktar
Climate change adaptation strategies through rural water Management practices for agriculture - Case study in Sri Lanka
By: Ranjana. U.K.Piyadasa
Impacts of climate change on patterns of natural resource use by agro-pastoral communities in the Eastern Himalayas
By: Tenzing Ingty
Developing Vulnerability Indices for Detecting the Climate Change Impacts on Land Use and Agriculture in India
By: P.K. Viswanathan
Indicator-based methodology for characterizing vulnerability of forest ecosystems for adaptation to climate change
By: Jagmohan Sharma
Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme for Adaptation to Climate Change in Odisha
By: Dr. Mamata Swain
By: Rakesh Dalal
Vulnerability and Adaptation to Natural Disasters: Evidences from Rural Odisha, India
Dr. Prasun Kumar Das & Dr. Unmesh Patnaik
Policy and Politics
Climate Financing and Challenges of Climate Action Plan Implementation at the Panchayat Level
By: A Damodaran
Depressions and Droughts?: Rethinking ‘Scale’ in the Climate Change Discourses
By: Dr. Saju T.S
Presentations : (Nov. 4, 2012)
Science and Impacts
Stratospheric geoengineering: Sensitivity of global hydrological cycle to meridional distribution of aerosols
By: Angshuman Modak & Govindasamy Bala
Clay mineralogical variations in a late Quaternary high-resolution sediment record from the south-eastern Arabian Sea: Implications for palaeoenvironmental change
By: S. S. Das
Study of Heat Stress indices in metropolitan cities in India
By: Pallavi Sharma and S.K. Dash
Carbon footprints of rice cultivation under different tillage practices
By: Divya Pandey, Madhoolika Agrawal1 and J. S. Bohra
Can India go nuclear energy free? - the pathways and aftermaths
By: Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan
Some ideas for an adaptation research agenda
By: Anand Patwardhan
Climate Change and 'Marine Ecosystem Sustainability
By: E. Vivekanandan
Gendering Climate Change Responses
By: Avantika Singh
Characterizing Sensitivity of Farming Communities to a Changing Climate
By: Anubhab Pattanayak
Evaluation of India’s Onshore Wind Energy potential
By: Abhishek Malhotra
Stock and flux of carbon in Indian forests
By: Indu K Murthy &. Rajiv Kumar Chaturvedi
Closing Session
Climate politics and the role of science
By: Sunita Narain, director-general, CSE
Making of a Green Event: A Sustainable Case Study
By Ch. Matouleibi Devi
An Assessment of Electrification of India’s Remote Villages Nathan,
By: H.S.K., SenGupta, D.P., Ahuja, D.R.
Assessment of preparedness of Indian Business Houses in addressing present and emerging Climate regulations, Voluntary Codes and commitments
By: Amit Maheshwari
2010 Making of a Green Event: A Sustainable Case Study
By: Chingsubam Matouleibi Devi
Assessment of Carbon Mitigation Potentialof Bioenergy Alternatives
By: CH Sreenivas, AnandB Rao, AnandPatwardhan
Futures of Electricity Storage Systems in India: Developing a Foresight for Battery Technologies by 2030
By: Deepak Singh
Effective Energy Conservation Strategies & Techniques in Industries Towards Cleaner Environment
By: Dr. A. G. Matani, Prof. A.A.Gulhane, Pallavi Matani
Pathways to GHG Emissions Reduction in the Indian Cement Industry: A Clustering Based Approach***
By: Karthik Ganesan
The potential for grid-tied solar rooftop PV systems in India
By: Narasimhan,G.,Gupta,I.,Nathan,H.S.K.,SenGupta,D.,Ahuja,D.
‘Changing’ roof water spouts in Ladakh ‐ What stories of ‘Change’ do they tell us?
By: Peeyush Sekhsaria & Bhawna Dandona
Performance Study of rooftop photovoltaic panels
By: Roshan R Rao, Sheela K.Ramasesha, J.Srinivasan
Shubh Kal - Badlti Jalbayu ke Liye Tayar Hum: A Community Radio Campaign on Climate Change
By: Bidu Bhusan Dash
Perception Analysis of Climate Related Impacts Faced by Agricultural Communities Using Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping Approach
By: AbhishekNair and PramodK. Singh
"Trends in the Rainfall Pattern over India"
By: Akshay B Narayankar
Forest Ecosystem in India : Carbon Source or Sink
By: Ankit Dwivedi
The Changing Climate of Ahmedabad City: A Scientific Perspective Based on Multivariate Analysis
By: Anurag Kandya, Yashika Agarwalla, Kamaljit Ray
Diurnal & Seasonal variation of mixing ratio and carbon isotopic ratio of air CO2 observed over an urban station in India
By: Tania Guha & Prosenjit Ghosh
Present-day climate and future projections for North East India
By: Neha Sharma, S.K Dash, Kanhu Charan Pattnayak
Regional temperature variability in theWestern Ghats
By: Nishadh K A and Azeez P A
Seasonal variations of surface ozone and its precursors over Kannur
By: Nishanth T and MK Satheesh Kumar
Role of Bioaerosols in Climate Change Over Indo-Gangetic Plain
By: Ranjit Kumar
A model-based investigation of the relative significance of CO2-fertilization, climate change and nitrogen deposition on Net primary productivity and ecosystem carbon storage.
By: Shreeya Verma
Comparison of Climate Response to Two Solar Radiation Mangement Methods
By: Sirisha Kalidindi
Rainfall and Temperature characteristics of Four India Cities
By: Vaishali Saraswat, S K Dash, S K Panda, Neha Sharma
Monitoring Glacier Changes in Parbati Basin, Himachal Pradesh, India
By: Yogesh Karyakarte and Anil V. Kulkarni

For more information, contact:

Indrajit Bose
Deputy Programme Manager, Climate Change
41, Tughlakabad Institutional Area
New Delhi 110062
Email: indrajit@cseindia.org
Tel: +91 7838646929

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